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(an appendage of 80 Proof Media Services)

OIS is where we/I talk about the music that lights up our life(s) and gives us hope, you know, to carry on and whatnot. New stuff, old bits, etc. We stumble across so many wonderful things to hear and sing and sometimes we want to share, you know, because we care...

Albums of the year (Orderless, odorless, whim-driven)

Tindersticks - Distractions

Paul Weller - Fat Pop Album

St. Vincent - Daddy's Home

Triptides - Alter Echoes

Avalanches - We Will Always Love You

Gary Bartz Jazz is Dead 6 

Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders - Promises

Lonnie Smith - Breathe

Songs of the year (Quivering, every-changing)

Pugwash - Everything We Need (Select Dub Mix)

Tindersticks - Man Alone (Can't Stop the Fadin')

Paul Weller - Cosmic Fringes

Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open

Billie Eillish - Your Power

Dylan Gardner - The Wheel

The Coral - Mist on the River

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