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A truly inspired collaboration of post-punk grandees have come together to create the first great protest song of 2020, "A Very British Coup." This unabashedly political groove anthem takes aim at the hypocrisy and and lies at the center of the conservative campaign to pull the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Led by Jah Wobble (PiL, Invaders of the Heart), "Coup" was recorded with renowned producer Martin "Youth" Glover (Killing Joke, Brilliant) and features the legendary bassist's former PiL band-mates Richard Dudanski on drums and guitarist Keith Levene together with vocals from The Pop Group’s frontman Mark Stewart. Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh add loops to the proceedings. Released to coincide with Britain’s official departure from the European Union on January 31 2020. “The bass don pulls together his own post - punk Avengers for this anti - Brexit anthem and it’s a riot” Q magazine. “Wobble’s booming dub bass and Levene’s classic guitar skree sounding like a 21st century ‘Metal Box’ - this is already one of the tracks of the year” John Robb / Louder Than War Magazine. 'A truly inspired collaboration of post - punk innovators, ‘A Very British Coup’ was recorded with renowned producer Youth (Killing Joke) and features the legendary bassist’s former Public Image Ltd. band mates Richard Dudanski on drums and guitarist Keith Levene together with vocals from The Pop Group’s frontman Mark Stewart. This U.S. CD EP features four versions of the title song including an exclusive dub version by Youth not available elsewhere.

Tahiti 80 - The Sunshine Beat Vol 1 - Co

The 8th album from French pop geniuses Tahiti 80. Perfection in the classic art of pop song-making is sought by millions and found by a precious few. The gentlemen of Tahiti 80 elevate craft to art with formidable ease. They have taken an interval of 1300 days give or take to hone and create an album that has so many truly great songs that it plays like a compilation of hits more than an album. Hence the title of this long player: The Sunshine Beat, Vol. 1. Here is what lead singer Xavier Boyer has to say about this new set of instant classics: “It’s a contraction of several musical genres: Sunshine pop and the beat - as in Merseybeat or Bigbeat. In short, the T80 DNA.” Lead single ‘Let Me Be Your Story’ sets the tone: sizzling, exotic, with a certain je ne sais quoi. It joins a fine lineage of great summer anthems from the Beach Boys to the Boo Radleys via Big Star. It is testament to the fact there’s such a thing as pop alchemy. But what sounds free and easy can take time to create. “I guess that’s one of our daily fights when we’re in the studio,” says Boyer. “It’s what we like in pop, bands like the Boo Radleys, XTC or 10CC, or even KC and the Sunshine Band - they all make clever pop with lots of different chord changes and parts. I guess on ‘Let Me Be Your Story’ we have tons of that but you need to find a balance with all these fancy chords and hooks. We’re like scientists trying to blend all the different elements.” From that starting point so much joy awaits. “Natural Reaction” offers a bit of Princely slink in a very French sort of way. “Sound Museum” is all about the yé-yé of Os Mutantes refracted through the pop psych TV pleasures of The Monkees. There is Kraut Rock and Doo Wop rubbing shoulder on “Strung”, and the pure Brill Building ethos of Carol King on the album’s yearning heart “Hurts.” The North American CD has 11 songs including bonus track "Jewel" not available elsewhere.


Emitt Rhodes / Chris Price

"How Do You Mend A Broken Heart b/w "Please Read Me" 


To Love The Bee Gees: A Tribute to the Brothers Gibb

Standard Edition


To love The Bee Gees: A Tribute to the Brothers Gibb (Deluxe edition)


Great Dominions

"We Become Sunshine"


​Xavier Boyer
Some / Any / New


Tahiti 80
The Sunshine Beat Vol. 1


To Love The Bee Gees: A Tribute to the
Brothers Gibb

Remix EP

80P-008-EP (Digital only)

Jah Wobble Feat. Mark Stewart

A Very British Coup EP



Parcelle brillante


James Hood

Pure Ceremony



The Oceans of Ganymede

Joy Askew

Queen Victoria
Drunk On You
The Pirate of Eel Pie


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