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80 Proof Media offers consulting services to artists and companies of all sizes. We can assist in product management, video production, packaging design, promotion, medium/long term strategy, international expansion, and A&R.

80 Proof Records is a boutique/independent record company. We are very selective in what we choose to sign and/or develop. Our releases include To Love The Bee Gees: A Tribute to the Brothers Gibb, singles from Emitt Rhodes/Chris Price and Great Dominions, and the recent album from French pop masters Tahiti 80 and their lead singer Xavier Boyer. Next up the fine shimmering beauty that is the new album from Orwell.

The principals of 80 Proof are versed in bringing new ideas to marketing creative content of all kinds with an emphasis on music.


We can build and maintain an on-going music-focused social media dialogue with your customers via personalized and maintained playlists across multiple stream platforms with your branding. Music playlists are an underutilized element of social media marketing plans. Let us help you deepen and lengthen the relationship through streaming music.

80 Proof Media has 20 years of experience in distributing physical and digital media including new and used music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. We source and supply music and movies on behalf of artists and content companies world-wide and sell direct to consumer via an array of online stores including:




ALLBright Sales

World Wide Media Marketplace

Bessere Medien

Yay Media

Migliore Music y Movies

If you are interested in becoming a client of our distribution company, please contact:

For a our product array and pricing.

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